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Women of Color at Greater Risk During Childbirth

Although many people in the United States would like to believe that they live in a “post-racial” society in which ethnicity plays no role, the reality is that what color your skin is does impact the kind of health care you receive. The quality of care that you obtain is closely tied to race, but […]

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Rising Costs Are Keeping Americans from Seeing a Doctor

Of the current 326 million Americans, almost 90.9 percent have health insurance.  Almost half of all Americans are covered through their or their spouse’s employer plan, while 33 percent have coverage through Medicaid or Medicare.  Only about 7 percent get their health insurance through private insurers. It would appear that most Americans are in a […]

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How the Government is Helping Family Caregivers

There are currently almost 46 million Americans aged 65 or older in the United States, and many of these seniors require long-term medical care.  This constitutes more than 15 percent of the entire U.S. population, and this age group is expected to continue growing to 98 million by 2060, at which point it will include […]

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How the Trump Administration Might Affect Drug Prices

This month, President Donald Trump made a speech about how his administration planned to lower the prices of prescription drugs. In 2015, the U.S. population spent almost $325 billion on prescription drugs, and last year the Fortune 500 drug manufacturers reported almost $67 billion in profits. Although our capitalist society allows pharmaceutical companies to rake […]

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Three Reasons the Theranos Implosion Could Affect You

When Elizabeth Holmes founded the biotech company Theranos in 2003, it was met with enormous fanfare. Holmes was only a 19-year-old Stanford student at the time but had garnered national attention for engineering a wearable patch that adjusted drug release and sent the patient’s blood information to the physician. She leveraged her success into her […]

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How to Control Aggression in Teens

Almost everyone has difficulty during their teen years as they transition from children to young adults.  Physiologically, the teen years mark a period of brain maturation and sexual development that can spark a host of emotional problems.  While most people eventually find an emotional equilibrium, there are some who fail to find a way to […]

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The Critical Role Medicaid Plays in America

As the country’s largest insurer and one of the government’s costliest social programs, Medicaid has come under close scrutiny in recent years.  The federal and state government insurance program was expanded in 2010 under the Affordable Care Act, and since then has been the legislative and budgetary target of fiscal conservatives. However much this program […]

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