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Is U.S. Health Care Losing Its Humanity?

As Americans, we would like to believe that our health care system places a special emphasis on patient care, and to a certain extent, it does.  Our physicians measure patient outcomes using metrics like hospital stay length, therapeutic efficiency and professionalism, but as the health care system evolves, it may be losing its compassion. Although […]

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Is the War on Smoking Working?

For most of us, we could remember a time when smoking cigarettes was a fixture of adulthood.  People could smoke in restaurants, on airplanes, even, in hospitals. A long series of new laws and regulations has put an end to most of those practices, but smoking hasn’t completely disappeared from society. Despite serious legal and […]

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The Health Coverage You Need If You Have Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating health condition that currently afflicts almost 5.5 million Americans.  This is the most common type of dementia in which sufferers initially lose memory and cognitive function, but the disease progresses until major brain function disappears and death ensues.  There is no cure for this illness which is why, in the […]

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Gaps in Vision Care Are Growing Concern

The sense that you probably rely on the most is your vision, so it is in your best interest to protect it. You can lose some of your sensitivity in your other senses with little or no consequence, but any reduction in your ability to see can greatly diminish your ability to work, take care […]

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How the Diabetes Epidemic Is Changing U.S. Health Care

In the United States, there are almost 30 million people with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, but this number continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Neither form of this disease is curable, but there are various treatments that allow many patients to manage their condition and minimize symptoms like loss of vision, […]

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Cancer Care Is Growing More Expensive

Almost everyone realizes that health care is becoming more expensive, so it shouldn’t be surprising that cancer treatment is also quickly growing out of reach financially for more Americans.  For the first time since 2010, the rise in health care prices outgrew general inflation. While the average price of consumer goods will rise 1.9 percent […]

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