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How the Latest Budget Deal Impacts Medicare Recipients

This year, Medicare will provide health benefits to more than 59 million Americans through its traditional coverage plan as well as privately administered Medicare Advantage (MA) plans.  The vast majority of beneficiaries are seniors but more than 9 million are younger Americans who qualify for the government insurance program based on a disability.  Medicare is […]

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Finding Health Insurance for a Parent

You may assume that if your parent is over 65 years of age that they are automatically covered by Medicare or some other government health insurance program.  But you should know that not everyone is eligible for these health coverage benefits, especially a spouse that stayed at home rather than worked. If you find yourself […]

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How Medicare is Going to Change in 2017

This year more than 55 million Americans will obtain benefits from the federal insurance program Medicare, so even minor changes to how it operates can impact a vast part of the American public. There are, of course, the minor price raises that happen almost annually, but the major health reform initiatives and a new administration […]

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Five Ways to Supplement Medicare

One of the great perks of reaching retirement age in the United States is obtaining virtually free health coverage through the federal Medicare program.  If you have been making Social Security payments through your employer, then you automatically qualify for Medicare when you turn 65.  Medicare coverage typically offers benefits for hospitalization, doctor’s visits and […]

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Why You Should Consider a Medicare Advantage Policy

If you are approaching retirement age, then you should familiarize yourself with your health insurance options.  This includes the basics of Medicare, the federal government’s health insurance assistance program for seniors.  Medicare has a number of components designated as Parts A, B, C, and D. Part A offers coverage for hospital services, while Part B […]

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What is Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)?

For many retirees, the most important assistance program sponsored by the U.S. federal government is Medicare, a program that helps seniors obtain health insurance. Since its inception in 1966, Medicare has helped Americans aged 65 or older have access to first rate medical care.  Without this program, millions of seniors could not afford doctor visits, […]

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